Boba Fett
Origin Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Debut: February 13, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Swinging side slam
Boba Fett is a bounty hunter from the acclaimed Star Wars film series, and is a fictional wrestler currently signed to the M4G-Nation.

Debuting in the M4G-Nation on February 2013, Boba Fett has accomplished what many veteran wrestlers in the M4G-Nation have yet to achieve, this includes: winning the fourth and fifth ever Royal Rumble match, winning a match via knockout/countout, and gaining contendership for the M4G-Nation Championship twice. Boba Fett was also one half of a tag team with former wrestler Django called the Million Dollar Bounty, and is a member of the rebellion stable Team Goku. Boba Fett was injured due to attacks perpetrated by Zangief at Sonic Boom, but has since returned.

He is currently a member of the M4G-Nation Green roster.


Boba Fett's debut came on February 13, 2013 as part of a tag-team with Django against R2D2, where he was forced to submit to Ryu's Walls of Ryu. Boba then entered a fatal four way steel cage match which also included former Inter-Universal champions Darth Vader and Captain America, and (future) former Hardcore Champion Iron Man. In what was one of the quickest matches to date, Captain America exited the steel cage, leaving Boba winless for some time. The bounty hunter's losing streak was extended in another tag-team match against Kings of the Jungle, having been pinned by King after 8 minutes of tag-team action.

Royal Rumble winEdit

Boba Fett's initial victory occured a day later at the fourth ever Royal Rumble. Participating as the penultimate entrant #39, Boba eliminated Space Ghost, Ezio, and finally Dale Earnhardt Jr. for the Royal Rumble victory and the beginning of his rise to the main event. A feud was then initiated between Buu Supremacy's Jack-6 and Boba, as Jack-6 took umbrage to the fact that the lowest ranked superstar had the opportunity to fight him at Vernal Equinox and not a more worthy contender, claiming that the upcoming main event match is a "disgrace to the title" and eventually refusing to fight Boba Fett. At the same promo, Boba confronted Jack-6, warning him that the M4G-Nation champion will change his opinion of Boba's wrestling prowess, and concluded that Jack-6 refuses to fight him because he is merely afraid of him. Jack-6 then proceeded to state that Boba will end up in the same way as his deceased father, insulting him and ending the promo with a stand-off.

Two days before the match set at Vernal Equinox, Boba Fett made another appearance in a promo, where Jack-6 announces that he is obligated to defend his world title or be stripped of it. As the bounty hunter appears on stage at Jack-6's calling to confirm the match between them, newly recruited Buu Supremacy member Captain Pollution ambushes him from the titantron, injuring him and leaving him unable to wrestle in their upcoming title match. Following Vernal Equinox, the bounty hunter recovered from his injuries and made a return. Proving his mettle to Jack-6 and exacting some redemption against the Buu Supremacy, Boba fought against supremacy member Marcus Fenix in a singles match, where he beat Marcus by countout after spearing him through the barricade. Afterwards, he promptly re-ignited the feud between himself and Jack-6, demanding a rematch which he never had the opportunity to partake in at the same time Yusuke Urameshi requested a rematch for the M4G-Nation Championship following his cash in at Vernal Equinox. Due to this, Jack-6 proposed that the three of them will battle in a triple threat match for the title at Sonic Boom, which both of them had accepted in a later promo. Said promo also marks the inclusion of Boba Fett into the anti-supremacy faction Team Goku.

Following this event, Boba Fett then fought in the requested triple threat match situated at Sonic Boom, during the encounter, Zangief debuted as a member of the supremacy, landing his finisher on both Boba Fett and Yusuke Urameshi. This resulted in a crippling neck injury that rendered Boba sidelined from the roster for the time being.


He Later returned on July 8 2013 alongside Captain America, Raphael, Dante, and Goku from a limousine on an episode of the State of the M4G-Nation, signifying the resurrection of Team Goku. An episode later, Boba Fett appeared alongside three other members of the reformed Team Goku. He addressed to supremacy member Zangief that they have unfinished business, and that they are to quarrel once more, implying that Boba is set out for redemption at the powerhouse for his injuries at Sonic Boom.

On August 11, Boba Fett would again compete in the Royal Rumble, and would once again win by defeating fellow Team Goku members Yusuke Urameshi and Link, as well as eliminating Ezio and the Supremacy's own Spiderman. He would face Jack-6 and Bane in a Triple Threat match at Solar Eclipse 2 but was pinned by Jack-6. However he would be part of Team M4G-Nation and help defeat the Buu Supermacy and remove them from the M4G-Nation


Boba would then betray fellow team M4G-nation member Galactic Champion Master Chief on the State of the M4G-Nation on October 9th 2013 by attacking him. Boba Fett would then demand a championship match from Ryu for the M4G-Nation Green Championship. Ryu would give Boba Fett a shot at the title along with Kazuya. Boba would be unable to break up the pin on Kazuya. Boba would then be entered in the Royal Rumble and would come out at #32. He would eliminate Cookie Monster and Skeeter before being eliminated by Scorpion. Boba Fett would then have a chance at the recently vacated Solar Flare Championship vs Zangief, Goku and Predator. He would be unable to break up the submission on Predator resulting in Goku becoming champion.


  • Boba Fett and The Riddler share Randy Orton's moveset.
  • Boba is one of three wrestlers whose first victory in the M4G-Nation came at a Royal Rumble match, the other two being Yusuke Urameshi and Packard.
  • Excluding Royal Rumble matches, Boba currently holds a win/loss record of 1-4
  • The Million Dollar Bounty - Boba Fett's tag team, holds the distinction of being one of the few established tag-teams to be winless, being 0-2 in its brief lifetime.
  • Boba Fett is notable for being the first Royal Rumble winner to not receive a title shot at the following pay-per-view, due to injuries from Captain Pollution's ambush on him in a promo. However, Boba Fett did eventually get a shot at the title at Sonic Boom but was unsuccessful in winning.
  • Boba Fett is the only person to win two Royal Rumbles matches and the only one to win back to back.
  • Boba Fett never had a one on one title shot in his M4G-Nation career (all were multi-man championship matches).