Big bang

The Big Bang was pay-per-view held by the M4G-Nation on December 30th 2012. 5 matches took place on the card.

The main event bout was a 5 man Championship Scramble match for the Inter-Universal Championship. The particpants were defending Inter-Universal Champion Captain America, The Money In The Bank Holder Buu, former Inter-Universal Champions Darth Vader and Yusuke, and the 3rd Royal Rumble winner Packard.


Big bang

At M4GaMania, Darth Vader defeated Buu to win the Inter-Universal Championship. However, the Money In The Bank holder Captain America elected to cash in his title oppurtunity right after Vader had won the title, and easily defeated him to become the Inter-Universal Champion. During his championship victory speech on November 7th 2012, Captain America was attacked by former champion Yusuke Urameshi, who turned heel in the process. On December 15th, Yusuke demanded a title shot from Captain America. He was interrupted by Darth Vader, who demanded his rematch fror the title as well. Vader proposed that himself and Yusuke faced off for the right to face Captain America. However, Captain America came out and proposed that he defend the title against both Vader and Yusuke, as well as the winner of the 3rd Royal Rumble on the 200th video of the M4G-Nation on the Big Bang PPV. On December 22nd, M4G-Nation commentator Packard would win the Royal Rumble and earn the right to challenge for the title at Big Bang. However, on December 28th the newly crowned Mr Money In The Bank Buu decided to cash in his briefcase to be a part of the title match at the Big Bang PPV, turning the fatal four way into a Championship Scramble. Packard cut a promo the next day insulting the other competitors (excluding Captain America) and declaring that he would win the Championship Scramble.

Jack-6 was strolling along well as Galactic Champion. Ever since he won the title way back in May 30th 2012, Jack had defeated all-comers. He defeated The Hulk and Bojack in a triple threat match at Galactic Throwdown, he defeated Bane at Solar Eclipse, defeated Marcus Fenix and M4GaMania, and retained his title after a 20 minute Ironman match with Jason Voorhees. All these former challengers would get one last chance at the title at the Big Bang as for the first time in M4G-Nation history, a championship would be defended inside the Elimination Chamber. Jack-6 would defend the title against all of his former challengers, except Marcus Fenix who was out with an injury. Therefore, former Galactic Champion Master Chief took his place in the match.

Ash Ketchum defeated Trunks at M4GaMania to become the new Atom-Weight Champion and to become the first superstar to win two different titles in the M4G-Nation. Ash would then take part in the first ever match on WWE 13 with the returning Skeeter Valentine, who he defeated in a non-title match on October 31st. On December 17th, Trunks made his long-awaited return to the M4G-Nation, defeating the Red Ranger. However, Trunks was assaulted after the match by Ash. A tag team match was then booked for the 20th of December, with Trunks and Skeeter teaming up to face Speed Racer and Ezio with the winning team being entered into the Atom-Weight triple threat Ladder match with Ash at the Big Bang. Skeeter and Trunks won, both getting the title shot at the PPV.

At M4GaMania, Spartan Fury defeated Optimus Prime and Sephiroth to win the M4G-Nation Tag Team Titles. It was determined that their first challengers would be voted on by the fans online. The winning team in the vote would be Darth Maul and Myotismon.

At M4GaMania, Bulma won the Harlots Championship in a triple threat match. It was decided that on her first title defense, Bulma would defend the title in a 6 woman elimination match invovlving Daphne Blake, Silk Spectre, Cammy, Kim Possible and former M4G-Nation Harlots Champion Taylor Swift.


# Match Stipulation Time
1 Spartan Fury (Kratos and Leonidas) (c) defeated Darth Maul and Myotismon Tag Team Match For The M4G-Nation Tag Team Championship
2 Silk Spectre def. Bulma (c), Kim Possible, Cammy, Taylor Swift and Daphne Blake Six Woman Elimination Match For The Harlots Championship
3 Ash Ketchum (c) def. Trunks and Skeeter Valentine Triple Threat Ladder Match For The Atom-Weight Championship
4 Jason Voorhees def. Jack-6 (c), The Hulk, Bojack, Master Chief and Bane Elimination Chamber Match For The Galactic Championship
5 Darth Vader def. Captain America (c), Buu, Yusuke Urameshi and Packard 20 Minute Championship Scramble Match For The Inter-Universal Championship 20:00


M4G-Nation PPV - Big Bang December 30th, 2012

M4G-Nation PPV - Big Bang December 30th, 2012