Origin Batman
Debut: May 4, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Bat-Driver (Cradle Piledriver)
Batman is a fictional superhero from the namesake Batman comic book series, and is a fictional wrestler on the M4G-Nation Blue roster.

Over the course of his extensive career within the M4G-Nation, he has appeared in several matches, most notable of which is his involvement in the Justice League vs. Avengers tag team promotional feud. Furthermore, he has allied with Watchmen wrestler Rorschach in tag team competition as Night Stalkers and is a former Hardcore Champion. He is currently aligning himself with Big Daddy as a tag team referred to as Batmen.


As a young child, Bruce Wayne witnessed the tragic deaths of his parents at the hands of small-time criminal Joe Chill. After their deaths, Bruce dedicated his life to clean up Gotham's crime-wrecked city and fight the criminal under world. After learning over 100 different forms of martial arts and getting 12 master degrees, Bruce would begin his fight against crime by donning the costume inspired by his fears as a child... bats. He would lurk in the shadows, striking terror into the hearts of criminals by becoming what they feared most. The Batman, an agent of justice and one of the most iconic characters in fictional history.


Debut, Promo MatchesEdit

Batman debuted in the M4G-Nation as a member of the tag-team stable Justice League, with the sole intention of only battling the Avengers in a series of 6-man tag-team elimination matches. The superhero stable had suffered two losses against their rival faction, and underwent a few roster changes as such before their eventual victory in their third battle. Batman also appeared in one of the company's many Promotional Matches, fighting in a singles match against Bane, who Batman had defeated.

Feud with IronmanEdit

The Caped Crusader then began a feud with Iron Man after an argument between the two on Twitter, which began after Batman's Tweet questioning the outcome of a bar fight between the duo. As the argument continued, the superheroes began to insult each other's wealthiness alongside Iron Man's taunts regarding Batman's past, including the (comic series canon) death of his girlfriend. Their rivalry was ultimately settled in a singles match, where Batman was victorius. Batman and Iron Man then fought once more in an Extreme Rules match, although this time, Batman was defeated by his rival.

Teaming With RorschachEdit

To participate in the Tag-Team Tourney, Batman forged an alliance with Rorschach, and fought as a tag-team. Despite a valiant effort, the duo was eliminated by the Buu Supremacy tag-team consisting of Bojack and Marcus Fenix in a first round Tornado Tag-Team match. Three months later, the group made a return accompanied by Ezio to defeat Hulk alongside Spartan Fury in a 6-man tag-team elimination match.

Hardcore Championship, Teaming With Big DaddyEdit

Batman would fight at Galactic Throwdown II in a extreme rules fatal four way match for the Hardcore Championship vs. Skeeter ValentineCookie Monster, and champion King. Batman would win the match and become the Hardcore champion before losing the title in a backstage fight with Jesus. Batman was the 7th man to enter the August 2013 Royal Rumble and was eliminated by V. He then formed a new tag team, Batmen, with the debuting Big Daddy. The duo successfully defeated Seriously Too Cool by countout after Red Ranger put himself through the announce table.

M4G-Nation Blue, Tag Team ChampionshipEdit

After he was drafted to Blue, Batman would compete in a fatal four way with Iron Man, Loki, and Dante but lost. Although something funny did happen after Batman was eliminated, he would not leave the ringside making him a bigger joke. In the first Royal Rumble on 2k14 he would enter 5th and eliminate The Hulk but get tossed out by Loki. Later he would compete in a MiTB qualifier and win the match. He would join Joker, Sephiroth, Flash, Thor, and Jason in a grueling MiTB match. Despite him putting on a show, he was unable to stop Thor. He was given a Blue title shot against Kratos but was defeated by the God of War.

He faced off against Joker in a steel cage match, which he won. Batman a couple weeks later competed in a ladder match but lost.

Later that night, he would compete in a match that would actually change his career. Him and Robin teamed together and faced off against re-united Sephiroth Prime. They would defeat them twice on 2 different occasion which enabled them to move on to a final qualifier at Sonic Boom 2. They would be facing Hiei and the Iron Patriot aka Team Angle. They defeated them and moved on to face Mortal Kombat in a TLC match. After many close calls, Robin grabbed the belts and made Batman and himself tag team champions. Batman and Robin would be put in a tag team gauntlet and would lose to the Xotica Xpress effectively losing the championships to Neo-Underworld who would win the match. He and Robin tried to regain the championships by facing Super Smash Bros. in a mini tournament but would lose the match. Batman would then head to M4Gamania in the Hardcore gauntlet but would lose to the Hulk.


Batman's appearance remains essentially the same in his transition to M4G-Nation wrestling; donning his trademarked Batsuit that was used for the majority, if not the entirety, of Batman's career as a crime fighting superhero.


  • Formerly, Batman's ring entrance had him stumbling and rolling down the ramp leading to ringside, for a humorous poke at an otherwise solemn and serious character.
  • Batman's alliance with Rorschach is due to their similarities in being crime-fighting vigilanties and anti-heroes, as evident in their tag-team moniker "Night Stalkers".
  • His finisher was initially deemed as the "Justice Slam" before its name change into the "Bat-Bomb", and finally the 'Bat-Driver'.
  • Batman is one of the two people in M4G-Nation history to have lost the Hardcore Championship on the same night he won it. (The other being Bandit Keith)