Ash Ketchum
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Ash as the Atom-Weight Champion
Origin Pokémon
Debut: April 4, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: The Ketchum (Backstabber)
Ash Ketchum is a pokemon trainer from the Pokemon anime series and is an active member of the M4G-Nation Blue roster.

Ash is a longtime member of the roster having debuted before most other members of the roster in the 7th episode. Ash is a two time Atom-Weight Championship winner, a one time Tag Team Championship winner alongside Brock in the famous Team Old School. He is also a former Hardcore ChampionM4G-Nation Blue Championship and a former InterGalactic Championship  and is the first ever Grand Slam Champion and Triple Crown Champion . Ash is one of the top wrestlers ever in the history of the M4G-Nation and in many people's minds the best ever due to him owning the most championships and owning titles at every level.


Ash Ketchum's main objective from an early age was to become the greatest pokemon master of all time. He started travelling the world from as young as 10 years old, starting of with the pokemon, Pikachu. While having a stubborn and rash approach to pokemon battles, Ash is generally kind-hearted. While his objective to be the best is still his prime objective, Ash has remained loyal to his friends and pokemon, especially his main pokemon Pikachu.


Tag Team DaysEdit

Ash started out with his partner Brock as Team Old School. They ended up winning the tag team titles vs. Team Urameshi. Team Old School was able to successfully defend their titles against Final Fantasy as well as against Big Red Machines at Galactic Throwdown before their eventual defeat by #1 contenders Sephiroth Prime at Solar Eclipse. Team Old School began a losing streak and were never able to regain the tag titles. Ash. tired of losing, blamed everything on his partner Brock and broke off Team Old School.

Battle for the Atom-Weight ChampionshipEdit

Ash began to feud with Trunks over the Atom-Weight Championship. He would beat down Trunks many times. This lead Trunks to make a match. If Ash won he would be the number 1 contender, however if Trunks won Ash would not get the shot. Ash won the match vs. Trunks(with help from Bojack of the Buu Supremacy) to become the number 1 contender for the Atom weight title. Two days later they would meet at M4GaMania and Ash would go on to win the match and become the Atom-weight champion for the first time.

Rivalry with TienEdit

Since then, Ash has successfully defended his title twice at Big Bang and Supernova against Trunks alongside Skeeter, and Ezio Auditore. He remained strong throughout proving himself to be a fighting champion. He also became a member of the Buu Supremacy and helped in many of their beatdowns of different wresters. During this time he also grew cocky as his ego spiraled out of control and this is what lead him to underestimate Tien Shinhan who became the number one contender after winning an Elimination Chamber match. They would meet at Northern Lights PPV where during the match the lights went out. When they went back on Tien had covered Ash and won the match.

It was the beginning of there feud however as Ash would attack Tien backstage during an interview. He would challenge for the title and Tien accepted the challenge. Fourteen days after Northern lights they would meet in a ladder match. Ash would win the match and reclaim the title for the second time. Tien and Ash decided to have one final match to settle the score. However if Tien won Ash would never be able to challenge for the title ever again, but if Ash won Tien would lose his contract as long as Ash remained champion. The match would take place at Absolute Zero where Ash won and Tien would be out of the M4G-Nation.

Loss of and Chase for GoldEdit

Ash would move on to face Darth Maul who won a fatal four way match and would meet at Vernal Equinox. During the match Ash hit the referee which allowed Darth Maul to use the force to get a chair and strike Ash in the head to win the Atom Weight title. Ash would come out days later to cut a promo saying he was robbed. New Champion Darth Maul, Ezio, and Tien (who was reinstated) would beat down Ash ending his reign of terror in the Atom Weight Division. Or so it seemed as Ash would enter a Elimanation chamber match and defeat everyone pinning Captain Pollution to win the number one contendership for the Atom Weight Championship. However Hitler would win a second Elimanation chamber to make it a triple threat match for the Atom Weight Championship at Sonic Boom. Ash would fail to win the championship as Adolf Hitler would pin Darth Maul to become the champion.

Rivalry with Captain PollutionEdit

Captain Pollution would come out and insult Ash stating he was useless to the Supermacy. Captain Pollution would confront Ash backstage on May 28th stating that he was tried of Ash's failures while ash proclaimed Captain Pollution is a nothing Jack-6 would break the backstage issues and would make a match. Ash vs Captain Pollution with the loser leaving the supermacy forever. In the match set in June 1, 2013. Ash had set a dominating offensive presence in the beginning, looking to dispose of the Captain early. However, Captain Pollution gradually garnered momentum, and after several near falls by each competitor, Ash was pinned by Pollution after receiving a debilitating version of the patented Force of Illusion, ending his stint in the Buu Supremacy. Afterwards, Ash was assaulted by Ezio in the parking lot, who - in a fit of redemption, planted Ash's head through a car window.


Ash Ketchum returned to the M4G-Nation to confront Pollution on September 16th. Pollution had been the one responsible for the demise of the Buu Crew as well as Ash's disappearance. Ash announced that he would be a part of the Galactic Championship match at Big Bang 2 and vowed to take Pollution's Galactic Championship. Ash would be unable to pick up the win.

Ash would win his first match back winning an atom weight chamber match vs Deadpool, The Joker, Rapheal, Link, and the returning Spiderman becoming an atom weight number one contender. After failing to win a Money in the Bank matchup Ash would forgo his atom weight contendership to go after the M4G-Nation Blue Championship in a fatal four way vs Link, Bane, and Sub-Zero. Ash would win meaning he would enter a fatal four way matchup for the M4G-Nation Blue Championship at the next ppv. Ash would then defeat his rival Captain Pollution for the first time in a dark matchup on December 2nd, 2013. Ash would go on to win the M4G-Nation Blue Championship against Wolverine, Loki and Jason, in this match he eliminated Wolverine, caused Jason to be eliminated by Loki and pinned Loki for the victory. He would later face Royal Rumble winner Sub-Zero for the M4G-Nation Blue Championship and would retain the championship. Ash would later be placed in the 7vs7 bragging rights match and would be the ringer for the match and during the match he would claim the Hardcore Championship from Bandit Keith making Ash a double champion. Ash later lost the Hardcore title to King Leonidas. He would then face Jason Vorhees, Kratos, Loki, King Leonidas, and Cookie Monster (was later attacked and replaced by Sub-Zero). Ash would make it to the final three before being eliminated by Jason. Ash would then demand a rematch from Magneto who would make it a triple threat match between Kratos, Jason and Ash (Cookie Monster was later put into the match after defeating Kratos). Ash would be the second person eliminated in the match by Jason. He would later answer an open challenge by Vegeta for the Intergalactic Championship at a house show. Ash would pick up the win making Ash not only the first ever Triple Crown Champion, but the first Grand Slam Champion as well.


As a member of Team Old School Ash was a decent guy. He was known as a hard worker and wanted to become great. His drive to become great drove him to want it all the time. When he began to lose alongside his partner Brock he sought to find his own way. He abandoned Brock citing he felt he was holding Ash back. With this drive he became a full fledged heel. He has attacked many a superstar with the Buu Supremacy or by himself. He attacked Ezio when he thought Ezio was the one to help Tien when the lights went out. He attacked Tien backstage and after the match at Absolute Zero as Tien was being carted away attacked him, injuring Tien and taking him out action. This along with a few other reasons is why Ash was one of the most hated men in all the M4G-Nation among most fans and the crew. However in the transfer to 2k14 he seemed to turn face, no longer cheating to win or attacking others backstage. Instead he used extremely amazing talent to become a champion. However he still retains some of his arrogance and cockiness.

Entrance ThemeEdit

First Entrance theme

Powerglove - Gotta Catch Em All (Feat

Powerglove - Gotta Catch Em All (Feat. Tony Kakko)

Second and Current Theme




  • Ash has been given the name Ash "fuckface" Ketchum by Packard, due to his arrogant personality.
  • Ash's character model in WWE '13 is much more robust and buff than his WWE '12 counterpart. The commentating booth would joke on this change by accusing Ash of using steroids.
  • A new nick name has been made as Ash is starting to be called Aids (started by Packard).
  • Ash currently holds the record for shortest time lasted in a Royal Rumble Match lasting 13 seconds before being eliminated by Myotismon
  • Ash is 16-9 all time in matches not counting rumbles.


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